• The Lahore Congress of 1929 had given the mandate to launch civil disobedience movement along with the non-payment of taxes.

• Mahatma Gandhi presented his 11 demands to the Viceroy Lord Irwin and gave him the ultimate of January 31, 1932 to acccept his 11 demands.

• In Tamil Nadu, C. Rajgopalchari led a march-similar to the Dandi marchfrom Trichinopoly to Vedaranyam.

• In Dharsana, in Gujarat, Sarojini Naidu, led non-violent satyagrahis in a march to the salt depots owned by the government.

• Khudai Khidmatgars movement, led by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, also known as Badshah Khan and the “Frontier Gandhi,” nonviolently mobilized to oppose the British in India’s Northwest Frontier Province.