What Is a Spreadsheet Application?

For the motivations behind this book, a  spreadsheet sheet application is a bookkeeping sheet document (or gathering of related documents) that is planned so somebody other than the designer can perform explicit assignments without broad preparation. As per this definition, the majority of the accounting sheet documents that you’ve created likely don’t qualify as  spreadsheet sheet applications. You might have handfuls or many spreadsheetfiles on your hard drive, yet it’s almost certain that the greater part of them aren’t intended for others to utilize.

A good spreadsheet application does the following:
■ Enables the end user to perform a task that he or she probably would not be able to do
■ Provides the appropriate solution to the problem. (A spreadsheet environment isn’t always
the optimal approach.)
■ Accomplishes what it is supposed to do. This prerequisite may be obvious, but it’s not at all
uncommon for applications to fail this test.
■ Produces accurate results and is free of bugs.
■ Uses appropriate and efficient methods and algorithms to accomplish its job.
■ Traps errors before the user is forced to deal with them.
■ Does not allow the user to delete or modify important components accidentally (or