1-> www.goodtyping.com

Goodtyping.com is a website specialized in the training of users to improve their typing technique using the computer keyboard. To learn the touch typing technique using 10 fingers, goodtyping offers a free basic course comprising 27 lessons and an advanced course comprising 21 more lessons not free. A typing speed test and virtual classrooms for schools and teachers are also available on the web.

contact: info[at]goodtyping.com

2-> www.10-fast-fingers.com

       Typing Test

If you want a quick way to test your typing speed, try out our 1-minute free Typing test (available in over 40 languages). You can quickly see how fast you can type and compare your result with your friends.

One huge benefit: The more you use our typing game, the faster you will be able to type as the typing test uses the top 200 words of each language. If you are able to type the most frequent words faster, you will be able to type everything else faster as well!

Typing Competition

Ready to compete against the big guys? Then check out our typing competitions! Every competition is open for 24 hours, during this time you will have the opportunity to reach the first place. The competitions work in the same way as our Typing Test but instead of having a random list of words everytime you reload the test, the words will stay the same for each competition. If you have a friendly typing competition with just your buddies you should try out the “private competition”-option.

Text Practice Mode

The Typing Test is great if you want to practice the most common words of a language, but what if you want to practice more difficult words, punctuations, special characters or just a paragraph from a book?

In this case check out our Text Practice Mode! You can create your own text to practice or pick from a huge list of user generated practice texts. Just select one text from the top-list and you will be garantied to have a fun and challenging experience. Start now and improve your typing skills even further!

Typing Practice

If you want to steadily improve your typing speed or train some specific typing skills you should check out the typing practice page. Improve your typing speed with practicing the Top 1000 words of each language (while unlocking those sweet, sweet stars), or challenge your typing skills with a user-submitted text. The practice mode is currently under development, more features & modes will be added in the near future.

Mobile Typing App

How fast are your thumbs? Our mobile typing app will let you know! No matter if you use your mobile phone or your tablet (iPad, etc.) the mobile test will surely suit your needs, good luck climbing the highscore list

3-> www.typingweb.com

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4-> www.typeracer.com

     The award-winning online typing competition, TypeRacer, allows people to race each-other by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. It is the first multiplayer typing game on the web.

Since launching in March, 2008, millions of people from all over the globe have completed hundreds of millions of races on typeracer.com, improving their typing speed by as much as 50 words-per-minute.

TypeRacer is available in 50 different languages.

TypeRacer School Edition, launched in 2010, aims to be the most fun educational product in the world. Designed for K-12 schools, it leverages the TypeRacer game concept which turns typing into a sport and makes learning fun.

5-> TypingBaba.com

We welcome all of you on our website typingbaba.com, Our Vision in creating this website was to deliver High-Quality Performance, Speed and Versatile Functions, To achieve our ends our dedicated team is working day and night to give you a very efficient website which can save your enormous time and provide you with much more features in comparison to other Typing websites. What separates us from other websites is the zeal to create the website with creativity. One of the Great things about our website is we created this with utter simplicity and no Nonsense. We made this website in a very simple design and simpler navigation panel so, that you need not to get distracted by turmoil, unlike other typing websites.

वाक्यविन्यास की परिभाषा वाक्यविन्यास के उदाहरण और भेद Vakyavinyas in hindi

वाक्यविन्यास की परिभाषा वाक्यविन्यास के उदाहरण और भेद Vakyavinyas in hindi किसी भाषा में जिन सिद्धान्तों एवं प्रक्रियाओं के द्वारा वाक्य बनते हैं, उनके अध्ययन को भाषा विज्ञान में वाक्यविन्यास, ‘वाक्यविज्ञान’ या सिन्टैक्स (syntax) कहते हैं। वाक्य के क्रमबद्ध अध्ययन का नाम ‘वाक्यविज्ञान’ कहते हैं। वाक्य विज्ञान, पदों के पारस्परिक संबंध का अध्ययन है। वाक्य…

महाप्रणिकरण , महाप्राण और अल्पप्राण व्यंजन किसे कहते हैं? alappran and mahapran in hindi

महाप्रणिकरण , महाप्राण और अल्पप्राण व्यंजन किसे कहते हैं? जब अल्प प्राण ध्वनियाँ महाप्राण ध्वनियों में परिवर्तित हो जाती है,उसे महाप्रणिकरण कहते है। जैसे,शुष्क-सूखा, वेष-भेष यहाँ पहले शब्द में ‘क’के स्थान पर ‘ख’हो गया है तथा दूसरे शब्द में’व’के स्थान पर ‘भ’हो गया है।इस प्रकार अल्प प्राणिकरण से महाप्रणिकरण की प्रक्रिया सम्पन्न हुई है। हवा…

छंद-Chand-verses छन्द क्या है? छन्दों के भेद

छंद-Chand-verses छन्द क्या है? छन्दों के भेद वर्णों की संख्या, क्रम, मात्रा और गति-यति के नियमों से नियोजित पद्य रचना छन्द कहलाती है। छंद का सबसे पहले उल्लेख ऋग्वेद में हुआ है। छंद को पद्य रचना का मापदंड कहा जा सकता है। बिना कठिन साधना के कविता में छंद योजना को साकार नहीं किया जा…