✅As VS. Like

📕📘What is the difference between As and Like?

As and Like can be very confusing for many English learners. Today, I’m going to explain how they’re different.

📕📘 As

✅ As may function as a preposition and is used when we talk about a job or function.

📘 I work as a cook.
📕He used my pen as a weapon.

✅ As may also be used as a conjunction meaning “In the same way that…”

📕She behaved as her teacher told her.
📘 Walk just as I do.

📕📘 Like

✅ Like may be used as preposition meaning similar to. It is used to compare things.

📘He worked like a dog.
📕 She sings just like her mom.

✅ Like is often used in place of the subordinating conjunction “as, or as if”.

📘They look like they’ve been fighting. = They look as if they’ve been fighting.