So the grammar of wish and hope..

📚Here’s how wish and hope look in present, past, and future.

✅I hope this is the last mistake.

✅I wish my phone worked here.
✅I wish you’d told me sooner.

📘📕You can’t use hope to talk about something in the past, unless you don’t know what happened yet.

📕I hope it stops raining soon.

✅I wish it would stop raining.

📕📘You follow hope with the present tense of a verb, even when you’re talking about the future. So you say I hope it stops instead of I hope it will stop.

📕📘If you say: I hope I am in a relationship like that some day or I hope I have a partner like that some day, it means you are optimistic about your chances.

📕📘But If you say: I wish I had a relationship like that one, or , I wish someone loved me that much, it means you aren’t in such a relationship now and doubt you will ever be in one like that.