🔴Daily Conversations:


🔸When you need to explain why you are late
🔹I couldn’t get a taxi.
🔹I couldn’t get a cab.
🔹My ride didn’t show up.
🔹I missed my ride.
🔹I missed the train.
🔹The bus was late.
🔹I ran out of gas.
🔹I had to stop for gas.
🔹I had to get gas.
🔹I was stuck in traffic.
🔹Traffic was slow.
🔹Traffic was hell.
🔹I got lost.
🔹I missed my exit.
🔹There was construction.
🔹There was an accident.
🔹I was looking for parking.
🔹I couldn’t find a parking space.
🔹I couldn’t find a place to park.
🔹It took me longer to get here than I thought it would.
🔹It took me longer to get here than I expected.
🔹I didn’t realize this was so far away.
🔹I lost track of time.
🔹I misjudged the time.