The doctor has advised following precautions for all of us to follow & implement rigorously like a ritual:

Sharing a list of surface contact points in daily life, where either multiple or unknown people contact. The Virus is spreading from surfaces mainly, and reporteslg lives at least 9 hours outside the host:

  1. Morning milk bags.
  2. Elevator buttons.
  3. Door bells.
  4. Newspapers.
  5. Car door after wash.
  6. Garbage can exchange with housekeeping staff (also their ingress into housing society, and movement from house to house).
  7. Raw vegetable and fruits purchased.
  8. Shop counters.
  9. Office pantry, lunchroom, washroom, and door handles.
  10. Garden seats.
  11. Play area swings, etc. (though for an unknown reason, young children thankfully are less affected)
  12. Maids touching multiple surfaces at home.
  13. All door knobs.
  14. Packets of Delivery boys – Amazon, Swiggy, etc.
  15. Any shopping packets.
  16. Currency notes and coins.
  17. Uber, Auto, etc.
  18. Bus and train handles
  19. Shoes, etc., which may step on spit.
  20. If travelling by air, then multiple points from departing terminal to arrival terminal.

India has likely hit the exponential upward part of the contagion, and the precautions in the next 2- 4 weeks are very important.