There’s no need to + (verb)

The word ‘there’s’ is a contraction of the words ‘there is’ or ‘there has.’ When expressing ‘no need’ you are stating that the action does not need to take place.

Here are some examples:

“There’s no need to worry.”
“There’s no need to be upset.”
“There’s no need to act so strange.”
“There’s no need to act so shy.”
“There’s no need to rush off.”
“There’s no need to talk now.”
“There is no need to call this late.”
“There is no need to bother him.”
“There is no need to run away.”
“There is no need to stop now.”

It takes + (time) + to + (verb)

You are letting someone know how long it will take to do a particular thing.

Here are some examples:

“It takes one hour to get there.”
“It takes forty-five minutes for me to get ready.”
“It takes four quarters to complete a football game.”
“It takes 7 seconds for my car to go 60 miles per hour.”
“It takes all day for us to finish golfing.”
“It takes years to learn to play guitar.”
“It takes 15 minutes to get to downtown.”
“It takes me one hour to cook.”