Here’s to + (noun)

‘Here’s to’ is used in a way of celebrating or identifying a person, place, or thing of significance. It is usually said while toasting someone at dinner, or signaling to someone or something after an event.

Here are some examples:

“Here’s to the winner!”
“Here’s to your marriage!”
“Here’s to the New Year!”
“Here’s to great friends!”
“Here’s to starting a new job!”
“Here is to the luckiest guy in the world!”
“Here is to you!”
“Here is to happiness!”
“Here is to a wonderful day!”
“Here is to great memories!”

It’s no use + (verb-ing)

‘It’s’ is a contraction for ‘it is.’ By stating ‘it’s no use’ you are saying that what you or someone else is doing is not recommended or uncalled for.

Here are some examples:

“It’s no use crying.”
“It’s no use separating them.”
“It’s no use talking to her.”
“It’s no use whining about it.”
“It’s no use apologizing.”
“It’s no use attempting to please him.”
“It’s no use arguing about it.”
“It’s no use behaving that way.”
“It’s no use cleaning up.”
“It’s no use checking on it yet.”