SPOTTING THE ERRORS Spotting the errors is given in the exam to check the grammatical knowledge of the candidate. In every exam you will find 8 to 10 questions of spotting the errors in English section. In this part a sentence is divided in four parts and you have to detect the error in one of the part of the sentence. Candidate must have knowledge of grammar rules in order to crack this part in the examination. Following are some tips to approach spotting the errors in the exam.

Tips to approach spotting the errors 1) First of all read the entire sentence by keeping the grammar rules in mind. 2) In most of the cases you will find the error in first go itself. 3) If still you are not able to detect the error, then read the each part of the sentence carefully. 100 Important Questions Based on Spotting the Errors

1) a) The RBI’s business expectations index based/ b) on their industrial outlook survey of April points to/ c) upbeat prospects for the manufacturing sector in the second quarter of / d) the current fiscal year, spurred by rising rural and overseas demand/e) No error.

2) a)The constitutional amendment for/ b) converting the position of the CEO / c) to that of PM is still pending as parliamentary/d) elections were due in 2015 have not taken place/ e) No error.

3) a) The proposed INO project,/b)primarily aims to study atmospheric neutrinos/c) in a 1300 m deep cavern in/d) the Bodi West Hills in Tamil Nadu /e) No error.

4) a)Agriculture is the backbone of the/b) Indian economy but the sad part/c) was that it is still in a rudimentary stage,/d) which ultimately affects the overall economy/e) No error.

5) a) The rail coach has been / b) shifted near the station/c) and would be developed/ d) as a unique restaurant/ e) No error.

6) a) Heavy Hails in many / b)parts of apple growing/ c) areas also resulted in/ d) huge losses to farmers/ e) No error

7) a) The Trinamool Congress government / b)is all set to issue an order changing the/ c) very nature /d)of students’ e) No error.

8) a) The IT and Innovation Fund/ b) promote Indian- Russian cooperation/ c) in the area of IT Technologies/ d) and innovation/ e) No error.

9) a) The stock of impaired/ b) loans will increase during the horizon of this/ c) outlook, but at the slower/ d) pace versus the last two years/ e) No error.

10) a) There are forces,/ b) in our neighboring countries,/ c)which are trying to misguide and/ d) mislead the youth of Kashmir/ e) No error.

11) a)The rules notified by the Ministry of Labour / b)and Employment of the enforcement of the / c)2016 amendment include/ d) some small concessions/ e) No error.

12) a)These restrictions/ b) are intends to/c) ensure attendance/ d) at school / e) No error.

13) a)The operators argued b)that telcos offers below cost tariffs/ c) to consumers over a period of time/ d) may harm the industry and its financials / e) No error.

14) a) Due to certain differences / b) between the companies with the proposed investors,/ c) both parties has decided/ d) to terminate the arrangement / e) No error.

15) a)One may soon be able to avail automatic transfer/ b) of provident fund accounts on switching jobs / c)and get provident fund money within / d)a single day of filing the claim/ e) No error

16) a) Incidents of / b)threats of violence/ c) against politicians have/ d) been at the rise /e) No error.

17) a) A journalist later on broadcast/ b) the recording saying because he / c) had not been at the event; / d) he was not bound by the confidentiality rule/ e) No error.

18) a)The ideas that the rise of a new power,/ b) as a competitor to an existing superpower,/ c) likely leads to the escalation of/ d) political tensions and wars/ e) No error.

19) a)The Bill required each public authority to establish/ b) information and facilitation center for an efficient and effective/ c) delivery of services and/ d) redressal of grievances/ e) No error.

20) a) I wish to continue / b)this hobby until I connect/ c) all the currency notes / d)of all the countries/ e) No error.

21) a)By contrast, Senate Republicans/b) have significantly altered the House’s approach /c)to the individual market, who serves those /d)who buy health insurance for themselves/ e) No error

22) a)The fastest-growing jobs in / b)America are in industries / c)that have long employed more women,/ d) such as health care and education/ e) No error.

23) a) One of the few media companies / b)who dares to criticise the government has been / c)raided by police on grounds that would not/d) normally attract such heavy-handedness/ e) No error.

24) a)The imprisonment of Justice C. S. Karnan,/ b) who recently retired as a judge of the Calcutta High Court,/ c) for contempt is the culmination of a/ d) series of unfortunate and unpleasant developments/ e) No error.

25) a) It is also time for some / b) introspection with the/ c) judiciary on the manner in/d) which judges are chosen/ e) No error

26) a)It is the position that/ b) demands an extended tenure on / c)the strength of results, not one that/ d) can be curtailed with bad blood/e) No error.

27) a)A difference of opinion among/ b) two strong individuals /c) causing a discord is not/ d) new to Indian Cricket /e) No error

28) a) China is not a military threat/ b) to the American mainland unlike Russia,/ c) which has the capability as/ d) even if not the intent /e) No error.

29) a) The change ends up uncertainty/ b) over succession and empowers Prince Mohammad/ c) to move faster with his plan to reduce/ d) the kingdom’s dependence on oil /e) No error.

30) a)The blast came a day after a man mowed down/ b) Muslims near a mosque in London,/ c) and a suspected Islamist rammed a car laden/ d) with weapons into a police in Paris/ e)No error.

31) a) Independence Day is an occasion to celebrate freedom from /b) a colonial regime that not only cast chains of economic and / c)political bondage upon Indians, /d) but fettered their freedom to think, dissent, and express themselves without fear / e) No error.

32) a) Nevertheless, they reveal something important/b) censorship exists in India to /c)the extent it does because it is both easy /d) as well as efficient to accomplish/ e) No error.

33) a)Effectively, a book is banned /b) without a hearing /c) The book then stays banned /d)until the case is not completed / e) No error

34) a)The correct remedy, in a defamation case, is not to injunct the book from publication / b)on the first hearing itself, but to have a full-blown, proper trial, /c) and whether it is finally proven that defamation has been committed, /d)to award monetary damages to the plaintiff / e) No error.

35) a)Templates for an upgraded rural health system/b) have long been finalised and /c)the Indian Public Health Standards were issued in 2007 and 2012, /d) covering facilities from health sub-centres upwards / e) No error.

36) a) Bringing equity in access to doctors, diagnostics and medicines /b) for the rural population /c) have to be a priority for the /d) National Health Mission / e) No error.

37) a) Mr. Trump could have shown leadership by /b)instantly denouncing the ultra-nationalists and /c)upholding values enshrined /d) into the Constitution / e) No error.

38) a) Unfortunately, the U.S. President /b) does not see such endorsement /c)from neo-Nazi groups /d) as a problem / e) No error.

39) a) Most accounts of the Korean crisis are written with the /b) perspective of Pyongyang’s rivals where an erratic, despotic regime is portrayed as /c)relentlessly pursuing dangerous weapons in defiance of /d) international public opinion and sanctions / e) No error.

40) a) Tehran agreed to curb its nuclear activities and/b) open their reactors for routine international /c)inspections in return for the lifting of international sanctions /d) during the Obama presidency / e) No error.

41) a) Just when the stand-off among India and China/ b) over the Doklam plateau threatened to go the way of the 1986-1987 Sumdorong Chu incident (Arunachal Pradesh),/c) the two sides agreed to step back and disengage,/d) thus avoiding a confrontation /e) No error

42) a) Behind the scenes,/ b) quiet diplomacy by the two sides, /c) no doubt, led to the defusing of /d)what ought to have been a serious crisis /e) No error.

43) a) To begin with,/b) China and India having a /c)kind of competitive /d)coexistence /e) No error.

44) a) Uncertainties and disruptions /b) over the Asian region would /c) hamper China’s /d) economic progress /e) No error.

45) a) For this reason alone, /b) it would shun a conflict /c) for India in / d) the Doklam area /e) No error.

46) a) It is a matter of immense relief /b) as the prolonged uncertainty / c) over the medical admission /d) process in Tamil Nadu is over/ e) No error

47) a) In any case, it was apparent that/b) the ordinance /c) would run in a /d) judicial barrier e) No error.

48) a) Against this backdrop, /b)it may be valid to ask if giving the nod to c) the ordinance and then making an about-turn was no more than / d) political manoeuvres on the part of the Centre /e) No error.

49) a) As a matter of constitutional / b) adjudication and judicial /c) discipline,/d) he was undoubtedly right to do so /e) No error.

50) a) A reminder, perhaps, of how even the most /b) basic constitutional values, /c) often taken for granted, /d)hang by nothing more than the most fragile of threads /e) No error

1) b) Replace ‘their’ by ‘its’

3) e) No error

5) a) Use of ‘a’ in place of ‘the’

7) e) No error

9) e) No error

2) c) Use of ‘into’ in place of ‘to’

4) c) Use ‘is’ in place of ‘was’

6) a) Replace ‘Hails’ with ‘Hail’

8) b) Use will before promote

10) a) Use some before “forces”

11) b) Use ‘Employment for the’ in place of ‘Employment of the’

12) b) Use ‘intended’ in place of ‘intends’

13) b) Replace ‘offers’ with ‘offering’

14) c) Use ‘Have’ in place of ‘has’

15) e) No error

16) d) Replace ‘at’ with ‘on’

18) e) No error

20) b) Replace”Until” with “till”

21) c) Use ‘which’ in place of ’who’

23) b) Use of ‘that’ in place of ‘who’

17) a) Remove “on”

19) a) Replace ‘each’ with ‘every’

22) e) No error

24) e) No error

25) b) Use of ‘within’ in place of ‘with’

26) d) Use of ‘by’ in place of ‘with’

27) a) Replace ‘among’ with ‘between’

28) c) Remove ‘as’ before the word even

29) a) Remove the word ‘up’ before the uncertainty

30) e) No error

31) d) “But also” should be used in place of “but”. As “not only” is always followed by “but also”.

32) d) Replace “as well as” with “and”

33) d) Remove “not” from the sentence, as after the word “unless” use of not is wrong.

34) c) Replace “whether” with “if”. As whether is used for uncertainty and if is used for conditional series.

35) e) No error

36) c) Replace “have” with “has”

37) d) Replace “into” with “in”

38) e) No error

39) a) Use “from” in place of “with”

40) b) Replace “their” with “its”

41) a) Replace “among” with “between”

42) d) Replace “ought to” with “could”

43) b) Replace “ having” with “have”

44) b) Replace “over” with “across”

45) c) The correct usage is “ with India” instead of “for India”

46) b) Replace “as” with “that”

47) c) Replace “ in” with “into”

48) c) Replace “was” with “were”

49) e) No error

50) e) No error