SPOTTING THE ERRORS Spotting the errors is given in the exam to check the grammatical knowledge of the candidate. In every exam you will find 8 to 10 questions of spotting the errors in English section. In this part a sentence is divided in four parts and you have to detect the error in one of the part of the sentence. Candidate must have knowledge of grammar rules in order to crack this part in the examination. Following are some tips to approach spotting the errors in the exam.Tips to approach spotting the errors 1) First of all read the entire sentence by keeping the grammar rules in mind. 2) In most of the cases you will find the error in first go itself. 3) If still you are not able to detect the error, then read the each part of the sentence carefully. 100 Important Questions Based on Spotting the Errors

51) a) In his Independence Day speech,/b) Prime Minister Narendra Modi /c) gesture to a more/d) compassionate policy on Kashmir /e) No error.

52) a)He has promised compensation and better equipment/ b) to the local police and security forces /c) but addressed the recently stoked fears among /d) the people about the challenge/ e) No error.

53) a)For the governments,/b) both at the Centre and in Jammu and Kashmir, /c) the challenge now is to follow through on the hope his visit has stirred of a government /d) more willing to respond to the people’s concerns /e) No error.

54) a) If the openness he displayed /b) translates into political/c) and policy action, /d) that may not necessary/e) No error.

55) a) However, that schools can/b) go on as usual,/c) as if nothing happened, shows a /d) worrying lack of regulatory oversight /e) No error.

56) a) But without effective institutionalized corrective mechanisms,/b) a safe learning environment/c) will continued to elude /d)the country’s schoolchildren/e) No error.

57) a) Be prepared for lurid stories/b) about hackers drilling into/c) examiners’ computers /d) to improve on answers after the exam/e) No error.

58) a) Beside, the delete key — b)which pen and paper /c)are not equipped with — /d) does things to writing /e) No error

59) a) An examination would amount to having a friendly chat/b) with a computer,/c) which may finally laid the demon of examination /d)anxiety to rest /e) No error.

60) a) It is not yet clear /b) if President Rouhani would not be in/c) a position to forge a more moderate line /d) in the wake of US pressure/e) No error.

61) a) In the third week of August, /b) the government had announced /c) the new framework to oversee proposals /d) for merger of state-run banks /e) No error.

62) a) It might well have to do with the balance sheets of the /b) majority of the almost three dozen banks/c) owned by the government, of which at least half a /d) dozen are under Prompt Corrective Action /e) No error.

63) a) The question now is whether mergers /b) among state-owned banks would /c) be driven more because of expediency or /d) less due to synergies /e) No error.

64) a) The speaker could have followed his /b) own precedent and refrained /c) from intervening in what has /d) so far remained an inner-party feud /e) No error.

65) a) It is, indeed, /b) the prerogative of the speaker /c) for decide on the /d) status of legislators /e) No error.

66) a) It shows that she will be/b) there or thereabouts /c) as when the biggest titles in /d) badminton will be decided /e) No error.

67) a) No one asked me /b) my view as if I don’t matter /c) in this game of /d) misogyny played in my name/ e) No error.

68) a) I am pained to see my personal details /b) and documents being /c) shared without asking /d) my permission on social media/e) No error.

69) a) There have also been /b) kept away from my family, /c) which is irresponsible /d) and insensitive / e) No error.

70) a) Since then, 180 militants has been /b) killed, both in the Kashmir/c) Valley and on /d) the Loc / e) No error.

71) a) He has travelled/ b) all over the world/ c) yet he speaks/ d) several languages fluently /e) No error

72) a) A successful company is/ b) any that makes a good/ c) profit and provides/ d) high returns to its shareholders/ e) No error

73) a)The agreement on/ b) which all of us have/ c) worked so hard will/ d) be sign tomorrow/ e) No error.

74) a) It is necessarily to maintain/ b) a record of all transactions/ c) in case the auditors/ d) want to see it/ e) No error.

75) a) Very few young trainees/ b) willingly undertakes/ c) a posting to a branch/ d) located in a rural area/ e) No error.

76) a) I can now form/ b) a government that could provide/ c) certainty and lead country/ d) forward at this critical time/ e) No error

77) a) The government has framed/ b) a law last year wherein unclaimed money/c) under small saving accounts/ d) will be diverted to set up a senior citizens’ welfare fund/ e) No error

78) a)Notes and coins/b) helps one understand/c) the history and/d) the progress of a nation/ e) No error.

79) a) The Ministry of/ b) health and family/c) welfare must be come/d) out with a framework/e) No error.

80) a) The surprise result/b) raised questions about /c) how Britain will advance for/d) its plan to leave the EU/e) No error.

81) a)However, he declared /b)that despite of the/c) U.S. declaration the freedom /d)struggle for Kashmir would continue /e) No error.

82) a) Israel believes /b)there is no difference/c) among Pakistan based /d)Lashkar-e-Taiba ,Israel and Palestine/e) No error.

83) a) Beside allowing /b) potential investors to/c) make informed decisions, /d) this will open up a new sector in India /e) No error.

84) a)The most important bond /b)that welds disparate people/c) in a political community is, arguably, constitutional
democracy and /d)the fundamental rights granted by the constitution /e) No error.

85) a) In 23 years, the court did not /b) interpret the right to life as a principle of natural justice,/c) but as a fragile right that could be /d) taken away by arbitrary legislation /e) No error.

86) a) Since Today the /b) project of consolidating/c) a Hindu nation has been/d) stepped up /e) No error.

87) a)The recapitalization of Europe’s banks/b) has been as gradual /c) as that of /d)America’s was swift /e) No error.

88) a) Since Independence, /b)between 25 and 60 million people have been/c) displaced from their homes /d)so uprooted for India’s development projects /e) No error.

89) a)The report noted that /b)output along the manufacturing/c) sector rose for the sixth consecutive/d) month in June/e) No error.

90) a) A firm whose employees/b) exercise judgment does not /c) expect decisions to be/d) entirely free of noise /e) No error.

91) a) From smart phones /b) and the dark net,/c) the fundamental trajectory is/d) one to with privacy/e) No error.

92) a) We have no clue /b) with the amount of information /c)about our private lives/d) that is out in the web.

93) a)Since Aadhaar and many of the contemporary /b) discussions on privacy related to deep technological developments, /c) the question of privacy should be rethought in the context /d)of these technologies/e) No error.

94) a)The state also can do much /b)with the information on /c)individuals that it collects through various /d) voluntary as well as coercive means /e) No error.

95) a)This raises deeply/b) troubling questions /c) about making privacy /d)a fundamental right/e) No error.

96) a)Any badly located /b) city can be vulnerable /c)merely with virtue /d)of its location/e) No error.

97) a) We ought to /b) honest/c) in our/d) dealings.

98) a)Patience /b) as well as /c) perseverance are/d) necessary for success /e) No error.

99) a) We want almost/b) every car and van /c) to be zero emission /d) till 2050/ e) No error.

100) a) Poland’s robust /b) civil society may be/c) more effective in keeping its /d) government accountable /e) No error.


51) c) Use “gestured” in place of “gesture”.

52) c) The usage should be “but also” in place of “but”

53) e) No error

54) d) Add “be” after “may not”

55) e) No error

56) c) Use “continue” in place of “continued”

57) e) No error

58) a) Replace “beside” with “besides”

59) c) Use “lay” in place of “laid”

60) b) The usage should be “would be” in place of “would not”.

61) c) The usage should be “a new framework” in place of “the new framework”.

62) a) Replace “might” with “may”

63) c) Replace “or” with “and”

64) e) No error

65) c) Replace “for” with “to”

66) c) Remove “as” from the sentence.

67) a) Replace “No one” with “Nobody”

68) e) No error

69) c) Replace “is” with “are”

70) a) The correct usage is “have” in place of “has”

71) c) “so” in place of “yet”

72) b) One’ in place of ‘any’

73) d) signed’ in place of ‘sign’

74) a) ‘necessary’ in place of ‘necessarily’

75) b) Use ‘Undertake’ in place of ‘Undertakes’

76) b) Use of ‘Can’ in place of ‘could’

77) a) Use ‘Had’ in place of ‘Has’

78) b) Use of ‘help’ in place of ‘Helps’

79) c) Remove the word ‘be’

80) c) Use ‘with ‘in place of ‘for’

81) b) Remove “of” from the sentence.

82) c) Use “between” in place of “among”

83) a) Use “besides” in place of “beside”

84) c) Replace “in” with “into”

85) a) Replace “in” with “for”

86) a) Replace since before today

87) e) No error

88) d) Replace “so” with “and”

89) b) Replace “along” with “across”

90) e) No error

91) b) Replace “and” with “to”

92) b) Use “to” in place “with”

93) e) No error

94) a) Replace “also” with “too”

95) e) No error

96) c) Use “by” in place of “with”

97) a) Add “be” after “ought to “

98) c) Replace “are” with “is”

99) d) Replace “till” with “by”

100) e) No error.