1. VOCIFEROUS (ADJECTIVE): loud and forceful
Synonyms: strident, vehement Antonyms: quiet, silent Example Sentence: Until you are not vociferous about your problems, others will not be able to help you.

2. OBSESSED (ADJECTIVE): preoccupied
Synonyms: engrossed, bedeviled Antonyms: disenchanted, unconcerned Example
Sentence: I thought he was obsessed with his brother.

3. RHETORIC (NOUN): Persuasive speaking or writing
Synonyms: oratory, composition Antonyms: quiet, conciseness Example
Sentence: Finally, he admits that rhetoric is not the highest accomplishment.

4. DUBIOUS (ADJECTIVE): doubtful Synonyms: debatable, hesitant Antonyms: certain, probable Example Sentence: This is an ill thought out, hastily conceived legislation, exposing the dubious intentions of the party.

5. RENDER (VERB): provide (a service)
Synonyms: accomplish, effect Antonyms: preface, unsettle Example Sentence: Three separate judgments were rendered.

6. ARBITRARY (ADJECTIVE): based on random choice
Synonyms: capricious, erratic Antonyms: consistent, sensible Example Sentence: The judges held that the practice was arbitrary. 7. VOID (ADJECTIVE): Not valid Synonyms: barren, deprived Antonyms: adequate, enough Example Sentence: This has already been declared void by the society.

8. DEPRECATE (VERB): Express disapproval of
Synonyms: disparage, disesteem Antonyms: approve, praise Example Sentence: My supervisor did not deprecate my work at all.

9. INJUNCTION (NOUN): an authoritative warning or order Synonyms: instruction, command Antonyms: allowance, permission Example Sentence: They granted an injunction against the ragging in colleges.

10. MACHINATIONS (NOUN): scheme Synonyms: conspiracy, ruse Antonyms: honesty, ignorance Example Sentence: It is time for us to expose the machinations of the government.