Synonyms: axiom, creed
Antonyms: ambiguity, skepticism Example Sentence: This credenda began appearing in 1988.

Synonyms: flamboyant, turgid Antonyms: moderate, honest Example Sentence: It is new and never pretentious.

3. ENVISION (VERB): conceive Synonyms: visualize, contemplate Antonyms: disregard, neglect Example Sentence: I couldn’t envision myself as anything else.

4. IMPEDE (VERB): to delay
Synonyms: brake, disrupt
Antonyms: permit, soothe Example Sentence: These people can impede performance.

Synonyms: captious, choleric Antonyms: pleasant, cheerful Example Sentence: He is little larger and cantankerous.

6. BAWDINESS (NOUN): dirtiness Synonyms: profaneness, filthiness Antonyms: decency, sophistication Example
Sentence: There was a comedy with just a right sprinkling of bawdiness.

7. INCURSION (NOUN): attack Synonyms: irruption, intrusion Antonyms: retreat, withdrawal Example
Sentence: The US officials urged Iran to end the incursion.

8. SOCIABLE (ADJECTIVE): familiar Synonyms: convivial, gregarious Antonyms: aloof, unsociable Example Sentence: I’m a lot more sociable with everybody.

9. TURBULENT (ADJECTIVE): fierce Synonyms: agitated, blustery
Antonyms: moderate, obedient Example Sentence: They are able to withstand turbulent times.

10. LICENTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): libertine Synonyms: debauched, salacious Antonyms: moral, controlled Example Sentence: He is licentious and has no regard for the morality of law.