1. SLY (ADJECTIVE): clever
Synonyms: canny, impish
Antonyms: behaved, foolish Example Sentence: His sly strategy can help you gain everything back.

2. AUDACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): daring Synonyms: bold, resolute
Antonyms: shy, timid Example Sentence: He was no audacious man in the argument.

3. DEXTEROUS (ADJECTIVE): proficient Synonyms: able, active
Antonyms: awkward, clumsy Example Sentence: A dexterous employee is better than ten lazy ones.

4. AGILE (ADJECTIVE): physically or mentally nimble
Synonyms: athletic, frisky
Antonyms: apathetic, depressed Example Sentence: She had neither the strength of limb nor the agile grace of the mountaineer.

5. SLUGGISH (ADJECTIVE): dull Synonyms: heavy, inactive
Antonyms: active, alert Example Sentence: He is very sluggish while working o phone.

6. DOPEY (ADJECTIVE): stupid Synonyms: dumb, silly
Antonyms: intelligent, smart Example Sentence: He is totally dopey.

7. LETHARGIC (ADJECTIVE): lazy Synonyms: passive, sleepy
Antonyms: caring, energetic Example Sentence: He was a large, lethargic man, who had a common view on every subject.

Synonyms: crash, crude
Antonyms: shy, modest Example Sentence: I know you are nervy.

9. BLAB (VERB): gossip
Synonyms: divulge, blather
Antonyms: conceal, hide Example Sentence: You blab too much.

10. TENACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): strong Synonyms: cohesive, forceful Antonyms: kind, unreliable Example Sentence: My mother’s imagination was as vivacious, but not as tenacious as my own.