DISSUADE (VERB): take our of Synonyms: deter, divert
Antonyms: aid, assist Example Sentence: The man was about to attempt to dissuade her.

2. FAZE (VERB): embarrass
Synonyms: annoy, appall
Antonyms: delight, explain Example Sentence: Do you have any other work except fazing him.

3. BOGGLE (VERB): astonish
Synonyms: startle, amaze
Antonyms: expect, hope Example Sentence: When Swami Vivekananda started speaking about India, everyone was boggled.

4. SHREWD (ADJECTIVE): clever Synonyms: astute, cagey
Antonyms: blunt, dull Example Sentence: Rahul is a shrewd person.

5. TRUSTWORTHY (ADJECTIVE): reliable Synonyms: accurate, authentic Antonyms: doubtful, false Example Sentence: My friend Puneet is a trustworthy person.

6. BRASSY (ADJECTIVE): vulgar Synonyms: blaring, bold
Antonyms: afraid, fearful Example Sentence: This is totally brassy.

7. FLASHY (ADJECTIVE): flamboyant Synonyms: garish gaudy
Antonyms: drab, modest Example Sentence: She was a large, flashy woman, wearing a quantity of cheap jewelry.

8. SUBDUED (ADJECTIVE): quiet Synonyms: hushed, mellow
Antonyms: cheerful, happy Example Sentence: Subdued nature of my friend.

9. VERACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): true Synonyms: credible, factual
Antonyms: untrue, false Example Sentence: His autobiography is totally veracious.

10. WILY (ADJECTIVE): crafty, clever Synonyms: crooked, shifty
Antonyms: frank, honest Example Sentence: He is too wily that he can’t be deceived.