76. Omphalophobia – The fear of belly buttons . Touching and looking at navels. 76. Pseudodysphagia – The fear of choking bad eating experience.

77. Bathophobia – The fear of depths often after a can be anything associated with depth (lakes, tunnels, caves).

78. Cacomorphobia – The fear of fat people . Induced by the media. Affects some anorexics/bulimics.

79. Gerascophobia – The fear of getting old . Aging is the most natural thing, yet many of us fear it.

80. Chaetophobia – The fear of hair . Phobics tend to be afraid of other peoples hair.

81. Nosocomephobia – The fear of hospitals . Let’s face it, no one likes hospitals.

82. Ligyrophobia – The fear of loud noises . More than the instinctive noise fear.

83. Didaskaleinophobia – The fear of school . This phobia affects kids mostly.

84. Technophobia – The fear of technology culture/religion.

85. Chronophobia – The fear of the future is often induced by . A persistent fear of what is to come.

86. Spheksophobia – The fear of wasps . You panic and fear getting stung by it.

87. Ergophobia – The fear of work . Often due to social or performance anxiety.

88. Coulrophobia – The fear of clowns . Some people find clowns funny, coulrophobics certainly don’t.

89. Allodoxaphobia – The fear of opinions . Being afraid of hearing what others are thinking of you.

90. Samhainophobia – The fear of Halloween

91. Photophobia – The fear of light caused by something medical or traumatic.

92. Disposophobia – The fear of getting rid of stuff triggers extreme hoarding.

93. Numerophobia – The fear of numbers affects children/superstitious people. and the mere thought of calculations.

94. Ombrophobia – The fear of rain . Many fear the rain due to stormy weather.

95. Coasterphobia – The fear of roller coasters . Ever seen Final Destination 3?

96. Thalassophobia – The fear of the ocean . Water, waves and unknown spaces.

97. Scoleciphobia – The fear of worms . Often because of unhygienic conditions.

98. Kinemortophobia – The fear of zombies . Being afraid that zombies attack and turn you into them.

99. Myrmecophobia – The fear of ants . Not as common as Arachnophobia, but may feel just as intense.

100. Taphophobia – The fear of being buried alive underground. by mistake and waking up in a coffin.