1- ampere: electric current.
2- angstrm: unit of length for the measurement of wavelength.
3- bar: unit of atmosphereic pressure.
4- bel: unit of intensity of sound.
5- calorie: measurment of quantity of heat.
6- candle power: illuminating power of a source of light.
7- centigrade: unit of temperature.
8- centimeter: unit of length.
9- coulomb: electric charge.
10- decibel: intensity.
11- dioptre: power of lense.
12- dyne: unit of force.
13- electron volt: unit of energy.
14- erg: unit of work.
15- farad: electric capacity.
16- farady: electric charge.
17- gauss: megnetic induction.
18- gram: unit of mass.
19- gram wt: gravitational unit.
20- henry: unit of induction.
21- horse power: unit of power.
22- joule: practical unit of work.
23- kg: unit of mass.
24- kilowatt: unit of electrical power.
25- knot: unit of speed.
26- killowatt-hour: practical unit of electrical power.
27- lambert: unit of brightness.
28- light year: unit of distance for measuring astronomical distance.
29- litre: unit of volume capacity.
30- lumen: luminous flux.
31- lux: unit of intensity of lumination.
32- maxwell: megnetic flux.
33- meter: unit of distance.
34- micro farad: one millionth of a farad.
35- millimicron: unit of length used in spectroscopy.
36- newton: unit of work
37- oersted: unit of megnetic intensity.
38- ohm: unit of electrical resistance.
39- poise: unit of viscosity.
40- second: unit of time.
41- volt: practical unit of electric potential differenec.
42- watt: unit of power.
43- weber: unit of magnetic pole strength.
44- x.u: unit of length expressing x-ray wave length.
45- gy-gray: obsorbed radiation dose.
46- mole: amount of substance.
47- siemens: electric conductance.
48- hertz: frequecy.
49- radian: plane angle.
50- tesla: magnetic flux density.
51- pascal: pressure.
52- sievert: radiation dose equilent.
53- steradian: solid angle.
54- bacquerel: activity of radionucloids
55- rutherford: rate of decay of radioactive material.
56- torr: pressure.
57- fermi: length.
58- sved berg unit: sedimentation rate.
59- mho: conductivity.
60- roentgen: radiation exposer x ray.
61- barn: area.
62- barrel: unit of liquid capacity.
63- carat: unit for measuring mass of precious metal.
64- clusec: power of vacuum pump.
65- dalton: atomic mass unit.
67- megaton: explosive power of nuclear weapon.
68- morgon: orbitray unit used in genetics.
67- ounce: unit of mass.
68- rad: obsorbed radiation dose.
69- ryberg: atomic unit of energy.
70- btu: unit of heat.
71- candela: luminous intensity.
72- modulation: frequency.
73- persec: astronomical unit.
74- cusec: volumetric rate of flow.