Phrasal Verbs

Branch out : Move into a different area of business, etc.

The supermarkets have BRANCHED OUT into banking.

Break away : Leave an organization, usually to form a new one

The SDP BROKE AWAY from the Labor Party.

Break down :

  1. End negotiations unsuccessfully

The talks between management and the unions BROKE DOWN acrimoniously.

  1. Start crying

He BROKE DOWN in tears.

  1. Stop working

My car’s BROKEN DOWN, so I came by taxi.

Break in :

  1. Go into a building to steal something

The burglars BROKE IN and stole the TV and video.

  1. Interrupt something

I’m sorry to BREAK IN on your conversation, but there’s a problem.

  1. Train a horse to be ridden

It took ages to BREAK the horse IN.

Break off :

  1. Break a piece from something

She BROKE OFF a square of chocolate and gave it to her dog.

  1. End a relationship

She BROKE OFF their engagement when she found out that he’d been unfaithful.

Break out of : Escape

Three dangerous Category A prisoners BROKE OUT OF Wands worth Prison last night.

Break through : Pass a barrier or obstacle

The crowd BROKE THROUGH the police barriers and attacked the hunters.

Break up :

  1. Break into many pieces

The plate BROKE UP when he dropped it on the floor.

  1. Close an educational institution for the holidays

Schools BREAK UP at the end of June for the summer holidays.

  1. Finish a relationship

They had been going out for a couple of years before they BROKE UP.

Breeze along : Move easily and quickly

The film BREEZES ALONG for the first hour then becomes rather dull and slow.

Breeze in : Enter a place quickly

He BREEZED IN and started shouting at us.

Breeze into : Enter a place quickly

He BREEZED INTO the room and switched the TV on.

Breeze through : Pass easily, succeed

She BREEZED THROUGH her exams.

Brighten up :

  1. Improve (weather)

The day started cloudy but BRIGHTENED UP in the afternoon.

  1. Become happier

He BRIGHTENED UP when he heard the news.

  1. Make something more attractive or pleasant

We tried to BRIGHTEN the place UP by painting it.

Bring about : Make something happen

The changes to the law were BROUGHT ABOUT by the government because so many people were ignoring the old one.

Bring along :

  1. Bring someone or something to certain place

You can BRING your friends ALONG if you like.

  1. Help someone improve

Her coach has BROUGHT her ALONG a lot in the last six months.

Bring around :

  1. Persuade or convince someone

It took me ages to BRING him AROUND to my point of view.

  1. Bring something with you when you visit

He BROUGHT some books AROUND when he came last night.

  1. Get someone talking about something

He did not want to discuss the details, but I managed to BRING him AROUND and he told me everything.

Bring back :

  1. Cause someone to remember

Visiting my old school BROUGHT BACK memories of when I was a pupil there.

  1. Return

He took the calculator home yesterday and hasn’t BROUGHT it BACK yet.