How to improve english vocabulary

Vocabulary is also called as word storage or word power. Having a powerful and huge vocabulary is very important. Without vocabulary, there will be monotony I.e using one word again and again that’s very boring. When you’ve a large number of words in your mind, you’ll be able to master and polish the skills of reading, writing, listening and above all, speaking. Vocabulary gives a helping hand in all the four skills of any language. Although it takes ample time and practice to enhance vocabulary, but it’s very important and it should be done in order to be good at all the skills.

❤❤ Strategies for improving/enhancing vocabulary ❤❤
There are a number of methods/strategies through which we can improve our vocabulary or word power. Some of them are given below:

⭕⭕1. Read, read, read and read ⭕⭕
The very first and foremost strategy/way of enhancing/improving vocabulary is reading. Through reading, on one side, if a person gets knowledge and information, on the other hand, vocabulary is also improved through reading. While reading, a person comes across a bundle of new (unfamiliar) words. When he/she searches their meanings, vocabulary is improved.
👉🏻 Reading may include:
➡poetry etc etc.

⭕⭕2. Using dictionary ⭕⭕
Another method of improving vocabulary is to use dictionary. When you come across an unfamiliar word, search it in the dictionary and it’ll be added to your word power.

⭕⭕3. Using thesaurus ⭕⭕
A thesaurus is a dictionary, which, apart from providing only meanings, also gives synonyms and antonyms of a word. One can improve vocabulary by using thesaurus.

⭕⭕4. Watching Movies ⭕⭕
This can also improve vocabulary. By watching movies and dramas, one comes across a lot of new words and thus vocabulary is improved.

⭕⭕5. Discussion ⭕⭕
Another strategy for improving vocabulary is to discuss. Discussion may be in class, home, hostel etc. When you reads, watch or come across something, discuss that with others and hence you’ll get a lot of new words.

⭕⭕6. Synonym ⭕⭕
Synonyms are words having same meanings. When you come across a new word, search its synonyms and thus, many other words will be added to your vocabulary.
Lets take the word Beautiful. If we search its synonyms, we’ll get many words like:
➡attractive and many others.

⭕⭕6. Antonyms ⭕⭕
Antonyms are words having opposite meanings. Like searching the synonyms, when you come across a new word, search its antonyms as well. And there will be many words added to your word power.
Lets take the word Bad. Its antonyms include:
➡great etc etc.
In this way, vocabulary can be improved.

⭕⭕8. Paramonteau ⭕⭕
It’s a method of enhancing vocabulary in which parts of two different words are combined a new word if formed.
👉🏻 1. We’ve two words Hotel and Motor. Now when we take parts of both of these words, we’ll get a new meaningful word I.e Motel
👉🏻 2. breakfast and lunch are combined as brunch.
👉🏻 3. Smoke and fog are combined as smog which is also a meaningful word.
In this way, one can improve/enhance vocabulary.

⭕⭕9. Talking with native speakers ⭕⭕
When we talk with native speakers, we will learn many new words from them. Therefore our vocabulary will be improved.

⭕⭕10. Using play cards ⭕⭕
This is another strategy for enhancing vocabulary. When you see a new word, write that on a play card and memorize it. It’ll enhance your vocabulary.

⭕⭕11. Acronyms ⭕⭕
Acronyms means the abbreviated forms of words. Some word are abbreviated and when we learn their original (unabbreviated) names, our vocabulary will be built.
👉🏻 UNO is the abbreviation of United Nations Organization.
👉🏻 WHO stands for World Health Organization. Etc etc.

⭕⭕12. Homonyms ⭕⭕
Homonyms are words, which are same in spelling but different in meanings.
*Example to be continued on next part2