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👉🏻 One Bank is that of money while another Bank is the side of a river etc.
So Bank and Bank have same spellings, but they are different meanings.
When we learn such words, it improves our vocabulary.

⭕⭕13. Homophones ⭕⭕
Homophones are words having different spellings but same pronunciation.
Some and Sum are different in meanings and having same pronunciation. So when we learn such words, our vocabulary will be improved.

⭕⭕14. Polysemy
Polysemy means words having many meanings.
👉🏻 Fair means justice and
👉🏻 Fair means beautiful.
👉🏻 Bear means to tolerate, to be patient and
👉🏻 Bear is the name of an animal.
So when we use this strategy I.e searching for other meanings of words, our vocabulary will be improved.

⭕⭕15. Listening to news ⭕⭕
Listening to news, specially the standard channels like BBC, CNN etc also helps us improve our vocabulary.

⭕⭕16. Word formation ⭕⭕
In my point of view, this one is the best strategy for building vocabulary.
Word formation means when you come across a new word and you form many other words related to that word.
For instance if you came across the word prove in a book, make other words related to it. Like
➡proof etc etc. In this way, you’ll have a number of new words.

⭕⭕17. Using prefixes and suffixes ⭕⭕
Putting prefixes and suffixes with words also help in building vocabulary.