Congratulate on, not for.

❌ Don’t say: I congratulate you for your success.
✔️ Say: I congratulate you on your success.

Different from, not than.

❌ Don’t say: My book is different than yours.
✔️ Say: My book is different from yours.

Consist of, not from.

❌ Don’t say: A year consists from twelve months.
✔️ Say: A year consists of twelve months.

Covered with, not by.

❌ Don’t say: The mountains are covered by snow.
✔️ Say: The mountains are covered with/in snow.

Depend on or upon, not from.

❌ Don’t say: It depends from her.
✔️ Say: It depends on (or upon) her.

Disappointed by, about or at, not from.

(a) by/at/about:

❌ Don’t say: Phillipa was disappointed from the low mark she got in the test.
✔️ Say: Phillipa was disappointed by/about/at the low mark she got in the test.

(b) with/in:

❌ Don’t say: Jane was disappointed from her son.
✔️ Say: Jane was disappointed with/in her son.

Divide into parts, not in parts.

❌ Don’t say: I divided the cake in four parts.
✔️ Say: I divided the cake into four parts.

Avoid + -ing.

❌Don’t say: You can’t avoid to make mistakes.

✔️Say: You can’t avoid making mistakes.

Enjoy + -ing.

❌Don’t say: I enjoy to play football.

✔️Say: I enjoy playing football.

Excuse + -ing.

❌Don’t say: Please excuse me to be so late.

✔️Say: Please excuse my being so late. Or Please excuse me for being so late.

Finish + -ing.

❌Don’t say: Have you finished to speak?

✔️Say: Have you finished speaking?

Go on (continue) + -ing.

❌Don’t say: The music went on to play all day.

✔️Say: The music went on playing ail day.

Mind (object to) + -ing.

❌Don’t say: Would you mind to open the door?

✔️Say: Would you mind opening the door?

Practise + -ing.

❌Don’t say: You must practise to speak English.

✔️Say: You must practise speaking English.

Remember + -ing.

❌Don’t say: I don’t remember to have seen him.

✔️Say: I don’t remember seeing him.


✔️I don’t remember having seen him.

Risk + -ing.

❌Don’t say: We couldn’t risk to leave him alone.

✔️Say: We couldn’t risk leaving him alone.

Stop + -ing.

❌Don’t say: The wind has almost stopped to blow.

✔️Say: The wind has almost stopped blowing.

Busy+ -ing.

❌Don’t say: He was busy to revise the exams.

✔️Say: He was busy revising for the exams.

Worth + -ing.

❌Don’t say: Is today’s film worth to see?

✔️Say: Is today’s film worth seeing?

Take an exam, not give an exam.

❌Don’t say: The pupil gave his exam.

✔️Say: The pupil took his exam.

To be right or wrong, not to have right or wrong.

❌Don’t say: You’ve right or You’ve wrong.

✔️Say: You’re right or You’re wrong.

To be busy, not to have work.

❌Don’t say: I have much work this morning.

✔️Say: I’m very busy this morning.

It’s cold, etc., not it has cold, etc.

❌Don’t say: It has cold this winter.

✔️Say: It’s cold this winter.

Go for a ride on a bicycle, etc., not go for a walk on a bicycle, etc.

❌Don’t say: We went for a walk on our bicycles.

✔️Say: We went for a ride on our bicycles.

Go for a walk, not make a walk.

❌Don’t say: We made a walk along the river.

✔️Say: We went for a walk along the river.

Mount or get on a horse, etc. not ride a horse, etc.

❌Don’t say: Peter rode his horse and went home.

✔️Say: Peter got on his horse and rode home.

Dismount or get off a horse, etc., not come down from a horse, etc.

❌Don’t say: They came down from their horses.

✔️Say: They got off their horses.

Go on foot, not go with the feet.

❌Don’t say: Shall we go there with the feet?

✔️Say: Shall we go there on foot?

Take or have a shower, not make a shower.

❌Don’t say: I make a shower every morning.

✔️Say: I take a shower every morning. Or:
✔️I have a shower every morning.

Ask a question, not make a question.

❌Don’t say: Naomi made me several questions.

✔️Say: Naomi asked me several questions.

Take an hour, not need an hour, etc.

❌Don’t say: I’ll need an hour to do that.

✔️Say: It’ll take me an hour to do that.

Ask for a thing, not ask a thing.

❌Don’t say: She came and asked my book.

✔️Say: She came and asked for my book.

Give a discount, not make a discount.

❌Don’t say: He