the confusing words travel, a journey, a trip.

📕📘Travel (noun)

✅The noun travel is a general word, meaning to move from place to place, usually over long distances.
✅We can say: air travel,  travel, space travel, business travel, a travel agency.
📕We can also say travels, which is a plural noun:
✅Where did you go on your travels?

📕📘Journey (noun) 
✅A journey means moving from one place to another, especially in a vehicle.
📘It is a single piece of travel.
✅A journey can also be a regular thing.
✅Let’s say we go from Iran to Brazil then back again.
That is two journeys
(Iran to Brazil is the first journey, Brazil to Iran is the second journey).
✅We can say: a bus journey, a train journey, the journey to school, my journey to work.
📕Be careful with the plural: journeys NOT journies❌
✅How long does your journey to work take?
✅Did you have a good journey?

📕📘Trip (noun)

✅A trip describes the whole process of going somewhere and coming back.
📕(It is more than one journey.)
✅Once again, let’s go from London to Leeds then back again.
📘As I said above, that is two journeys, but it is one trip.
✅a day trip, a round trip, a round the world trip, a boat trip and a business trip.
📕 We say go on a trip.
✅He’s gone on a business trip to Iran .