♦️Stress, Anxiety, Excitement

🔸When a person is stressed out

🔹Calm down.
🔹Be calm.
🔹Calm yourself.
🔹Cool off.
🔹Cool down.
🔹Chill out.
🔹Take it easy.
🔹Take a deep breath.
🔹Breathe deeply.
🔹There is always light at the end of the tunnel.
🔹Help is on the way.
🔹Don’t worry.
🔹Not to worry.
🔹Don’t worry so much.
🔹Don’t worry about a thing.
🔹Don’t worry yourself sick.
🔹Don’t worry yourself sick over it.
🔹Don’t trouble yourself.
🔹Don’t lose sleep over it.
🔹Don’t fret. (esp. UK)
🔹Don’t sweat it. (US)
🔹Let it be.
🔹Let it go.
🔹Let’s talk about it.
🔹There is no point in crying.
🔹Stop being hysterical.
🔹Close your eyes and count to ten.
🔹You’ll send yourself to an early grave.