Take’ Idioms

(1) Take a back seat; To be second to someone or something; to be less important or have a lower priority.

(2) Take a bath; To lose a large amount of money in an investment.

(3) Take a bite; To eat a quick, light snack.

(4) ) Take a bow; To accept praise, as performers in a theater at the end of their act,to end a performance; to leave.

(5) Take a breather; To take a break; to pause or relax briefly.

(6) Take a chance; To risk; to try something risky.

(7) Take a dive; To feign a knockout in order to lose intentionally.

(8) Take a flyer; To invest against odds,to make a choice with an uncertain outcome; to take a chance.

(9) Take a gander; To take a look; to check or examine.

(10) Take a hike; To go away,to leave or depart.

(11) Take a joke; To accept a joke at one’s expense.

(12) Take a look; To examine or observe.

(13) Take a powder; To leave in hurry ,run away without talking leave/ notifying anyone to avoid something unpleasant/ shirking responsibility.

(14) Take a wife; To marry a woman.

(15) Take a tumble; To fall in price or value.

(16) Take a stand; To assert an opinion or viewpoint; to defend one’s point of view or beliefs.

(17) Take a stab at; To attempt or try, to guess.

(18) Take a shit; To fail or malfunction, to defecate.

(19) Take a turn for the better; To start to become better; to improve.

(20) Take aim; To direct criticism (towards).