Phrasal Verbs starting with B

Bring down :

1. Make a government fall

The vote of no-confidence BROUGHT the government DOWN.

2. Make something cheaper

The improvements in technology have BROUGHT the prices of computers DOWN considerably in recent months.

Bring forth :

1. Produce something, make it known or visible

The prosecution BROUGHT FORTH a lot of evidence against him.

2. Produce

She BROUGHT FORTH a surprising result.

3. Make something happen

The report has BROUGHT FORTH a lot of criticism of the policy.

4. Remove something from where it is kept or hidden

She BROUGHT FORTH the diary and showed it to us.

Bring forward : Make something happen earlier than originally planned

The meeting has been BROUGHT FORWARD to this Friday instead of next week because some people couldn’t make it then.

Bring in : Earn

The job BRINGS IN two thousand dollars a month.

Bring on : Cause something to happen or speed up the process

Getting wet in the rain yesterday BROUGHT ON my cold.

Bring out : release or publish

The band is BRINGING OUT a new CD in the autumn.

Bring out in : Cause a health problem or reaction

It was the lobster that BROUGHT me OUT in this rash all over my body.

Bring round : make someone wake up from unconsciousness or an anesthetic

The doctors BROUGHT him ROUND a few hours after the operation.

Bring up :

1. Mention

They didn’t BRING the subject UP at the meeting.

2. Raise a child

My parents BROUGHT me UP strictly.

Brush off : Ignore, pay little attention

The minister BRUSHED OFF the criticism.

Brush up : Improve a skill quickly

She took a two-week course to BRUSH UP her Spanish before she traveling around South and Central America.

Bubble over : Become very excited

She BUBBLED OVER with joy when she heard her exam results.

Bucket down : Rain heavily

Take an umbrella; it is BUCKETING DOWN.

Budge up : Move to make space for someone

We had to BUDGE UP to let the fourth person in the back of the car.

Buff up :

1. Clear, clean or make something shine

The silver candlestick looked lovely after I BUFFED it UP.

2. Improve

After the scandal, the politician tried to BUFF UP his public image.

Buff up on : Improve your knowledge quickly

I BUFFED UP ON my grammar before the test.

Bug off : Go away

I told her to bug off because she was annoying me.

Bug out :

1. Open your eyes wide in surprise

He BUGGED OUT when she turned up.

2. Leave somewhere in a hurry

They BUGGED OUT when the police arrived.

Build up :

1. Develop a company

She BUILT the business UP from nothing into a market leader in less than a decade.

2. Increase

Tension has been BUILDING UP ever since the government passed the unpopular law.

Bulk out : Make something bigger or thicker

I BULKED the essay OUT with a few quotes to reach the number of word required.

Bump into : Meet by chance

I BUMPED INTO Helen on the underground the other day.

Bump off : Kill

The drug dealer was BUMPED OFF by a rival gang.

Bump up : Increase

They BUMP UP the prices in the high season.

Bundle off : Send someone somewhere

He BUNDLED the kids OFF to bed.

Bundle out : Expel

The barman BUNDLED the drunk OUT because he was annoying the other customers.

Bundle up :

1. Put on warm clothing

We BUNDLED UP before going out as it was snowing.

2. Wrap or tie things together

I BUNDLED UP my newspapers and dropped them in the recycling bin.

Bunk off : Not go to school when you should

I used to BUNK OFF school and go into town.

Buoy up : Make someone feel more positive

After so much criticism, the positive review BUOYED him UP.

Burn down : Burn completely

They had to completely rebuild the museum after the old one BURNED DOWN.

Burn off : Remove by burning or similar process

I BURN OFF a lot of calories in the gym.

Burn out : Lose enthusiasm and energy to continue in a demanding job

Jennie BURNT OUT after ten years working as a future broker and went to live in the country.

Burst into :

1. Catch fire very quickly

She BURST INTO laughter when she heard the joke.

2. Laugh, cry or clap loudly

The car BURST INTO flames and the driver died as he didn’t have time to get out.

Butt in : Interrupt

I hope you don’t mind me BUTTING IN on your conversation, but I couldn’t help hearing what you said.

Butt out : Not be involved in other people’s business

This is none of your business, so just BUTT OUT!

Butter up : Praise or flatter someone excessively

I tried BUTTERING my tutor UP but she still wouldn’t let me hand it in late.

Buy in : Force a CD or record into the charts by buying lots of copies

Joe Meek’s last hit, ‘Singing’ the Blues’, was probably BOUGHT IN at number 40, but failed to go any higher.

Buy into : Accept an idea

I never BOUGHT INTO the idea of a federalist European Union.

Buy off : Pay someone to stop them causing trouble

He BOUGHT the newspaper OFF by placing a lot of adverts.

Buy out : Buy somebody’s share in a company

His business partners BOUGHT him OUT to get rid of him.

Buy up : Buy all of something

We BOUGHT UP all the shop had before the price went up.

Buzz around : Move quickly around a place

Reporters were BUZZING AROUND the scene of the accident.

Buzz off : Leave somewhere

I am BUZZING OFF now. I have to meet some people.

Buzz off : Go away (imperative)

He told them to BUZZ OFF because they were annoying him.