Typical mistakes

✖I arrived to Rome.
✔I arrived in Rome.

✖I arrived to the office.
✔I arrived at the office.

✖I went to home

✔I went home

✖I went to abroad

✔I went abroad
▪Arrive IN cities, towns, provinces, countries… etc
▪Arrive AT small places such as buildings.
‘arrive to’❌


Incorrect : My father was angry ~against~ me.

Correct : My father was angry with me.

Incorrect : He was angry ~with~/for the Weather.

Correct : He was angry at the weather.

💡 Note : We become angry ‘with’ a person, but ‘at’ a thing.
Like ‘angry’, Some other adjectives also take ‘with’ and ‘at’ after them.

For example:

She was annoyed with me.
She was annoyed at the rain.

I was vexed with her.
I was vexed at her rudeness.

He was indignant with the beggar.
He was indignant at my delay.

💡 In each case, ‘with’ is followed by a person and ‘at’ is followed by a thing.

From the desk of English speakers group